Sunday, July 31, 2011

Week In The Life ~ all about day 6

Oh Saturday, what fun you were! We went to breakfast at The Good Egg, the kids and I went shopping with Kris and then the family finished the day at Maghen and Kim's new place. Awesome day. I did realize that I missed out on some photos when I looked at what I wrote down for the day but I'm glad I have the stories in the end.

Deets for the day.

Observations ~ Audrey LOVES shoe shopping. Dominic LOVES to flirt with women.

Gratitude ~ I am grateful for the friends that I have. Today I spent the morning with Kris, shopping and talking about our kids while getting some good laughing in. The family then spent the last part of the day with Mag and Kim whom we haven’t seen in a while. We enjoyed see their new house and they enjoyed catching up with the kids. Mag and I talked art and future prospects.

Overheard ~ Audrey doing her best fake laugh throughout the store while I was trying to shop for clothes for her, turning down everything in the store with, “hahahahahahahaha no no”. Finally getting super excited when she saw a pair of shoes that she now owns.

Favorite Moment ~ Audrey being silly at our friends pool. Getting onto the first pool step from the water and bending over, watching all the water cascade down her butt through her legs and into the water. Then almost falling over laughing because we couldn’t stop giggling at her. It’s hard to explain but the picture below will help.

One more day for this adventure. LOVE IT!


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  1. I so wish I had done the prep to get this done the same week as everyone else. No worries tho...I'm thinking I'll do mine the week before my son goes back to school. That'll be a good one to record