Sunday, July 31, 2011

Week In The Life ~ all about day 5

This project really does get better, day by day. The multitude of photos and stories make my heart happy. Fridays are usually always good days ~ the end of the work week for Nick ~ the beginning of the weekend brings me some relief with the kids and the renewal of sleep is always a perk. Here are the deets of Friday.

Observations ~ I really dislike Arizona summers and my kids sweat as much as I do in the heat. Dominic needs a baby icepack wrapped in a burp cloth put into his car seat to stay cool. Nick and I are saying the same things to Audrey at the same time ~ total parents. Nick and I love photography. Skye loves toes, anyones toes. I caught her licking Dominic’s toes today and he was just looking at her with the craziest face.

Gratitude ~ In my realization recently about how much I really love photography, I am thankful for my father’s love for it. I grew up watching him take photos. I always wanted to see the developed pictures that he took…to see what he saw through his lens. I enjoyed watching him in action. The last time we spoke on the phone, he had looked through my album on facebook and we spoke for a long time about photography. He said that he was talking to my mother about the photos and wondered if I got that from him. He sounded proud. Of course I got that from you Dad.

Overheard ~ “Sponge Bob Square Pants, are you ok?” Audrey (In the background, Nick laughing at whatever happened to Sponge Bob) “Sit Skye sit. Good boy.” (Audrey) “Skye is a girl Audrey.” (me) “Good boy Chazz.” (Audrey) "Yes, Chazz is a boy." (me) Lol

Favorite Moment ~ Audrey naming everything that came out of the cart during checkout at Bed Bath and Beyond and the cashier talking about how cute she is. Also Audrey saying “OOOOO, yumma Mommy.” At my scrambled eggs and cheese I made for us for lunch.

Photo highlights of the day...

The week is quickly coming to a close and I can't wait to start putting this project together next week. Remember, you can share your days on Ali's blog and also check out others around the world who are participating in this journey.

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