Friday, July 29, 2011

Week In The Life ~ all about day 3

Wednesday was a bit trying. Dominic woke up at 3 am and wanted to eat, luckily he went back to sleep rather quickly but I had a hard time falling asleep so when he got back up around 5 am, Nick took care of him. This paved the way for a grumpy day.

I noticed I wrote down a little less that day (which is ok) probably because I was having a rough day. I am also realizing that I need, well maybe want is a more accurate word, a better camera. In doing this awesome project and trying to capture little everyday moments (which occur in the house), my camera just isn’t cutting it. We have sky lights which makes everything look washed out at times and when I use a flash, it just makes colors look un-natural and blasts light onto people. So I’m dreaming of a “big girl” camera. I did manage to make sure Nick and I were in more photos...this was challenging but worth it.

Observations ~Interrupted sleep has a negative effect on my mood.

Gratitude ~I am truly grateful for all the work Nick does to provide for our family, which allows me to stay at home with the kids. Even on the tough days, I know I would miss them dearly if I were working.

Overheard ~Audrey’s voice. “Jump Dom Jump!”, “Hey Dominic”, “Doooominiiiic, where are you?”, “Where’s the baby?”, “Where’s the doggie?”, “Where’s Jessie?”, “Where’s Buzz?”, “No, no, no” (complete with hand gesture), “Mommy, come here…come on! Yogurt! Oh Yumma.”

Favorite Moment~Both times Dominic woke up from a nap, Audrey wanted to “go get baby” and then she wanted to get into the crib with him to play. I love that she is really enjoying having a brother.

Here are some favorite photos of the day.

I hope you are enjoying capturing your week. Remember to check out the chick who came up with this project, the amazing Ali.