Friday, July 29, 2011

Week In The Life ~ all about day 4

Thursday proved to be rough also…Dominic is really teething hardcore and fussed a lot today and Audrey had so much energy, it was hard to keep her entertained/busy while trying to tend to Dominic. I think this project is helping me get through these rough days and look for the positive in the mound of crap. J

Observations ~ Dominic is always super happy after he eats. Smiley, Wiggley, Bouncey, Happy. Audrey loves to smell flowers, plants, well everything now that she learned that word and what it means. She says things smell either yummy or yucka.

Gratitude ~ After a long long long day, both kids napped at the same time. The hour of silence was therapeutic.

Overheard ~ “You really are good at what you do.” (Nick talking to me about my attempts at memory keeping through scrapbooking and photography.)

Favorite Moment ~ Audrey asking me to go night night and wanting me to help her with her bedtime routine. (Daddy puts her to bed every night.)

Here are some favorite photos of the day.

Everyday I love this project more and more. If you haven't tried it out yet ~ DO IT!


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  1. I hope today brings some relief from the teething. I agree this project gets better everyday.