Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Week In The Life ~ all about day 2

Yesterday was a whole lot of fun, thanks to Week in the Life. I had my camera attached to me all day and made sure I was writing on my daily log. Looking through the photos, I can't help but smile. I need to do this project more often so I record the little daily happenings that would normally go undocumented. I did notice that Nick and I aren't in a lot of the photos, I'm going to work on that before the week is out. Also, some of the photos I chose to share aren't the best quality but that is OK because they captured the moments I want to remember.

Gratitude ~

I am thankful for my family. People say this all the time when they speak of their family but noticing all the small things of the day has really made me think about how much I love them and am thankful that they exist.

Observations ~

Audrey really loves to be creative. She really loves to paint with watercolors, acrylics, and finger paints. She also NEEDS to go “bye bye” at least once a day or she gets cranky.

Dominic loves to interact with everyone in the family. He wants to touch, talk and be involved. When he isn’t, that is when he is the loudest. Obviously trying to get our attention.

Overheard ~

Dominic giggling with Audrey as she danced around the living room with Buzz and Jessie. Audrey singing to eentsy weentsy spider and Old Mc Donald had a farm (only when I wasn’t looking at her).

Daddy reading to Audrey @ bedtime. She always sounds so happy when Daddy is off of work and can play with her and he always puts her to bed with a story.

Favorite Moment ~

There are two today! Getting crafty with Audrey is one of them. She loves to sit next to me when I’m scraping or painting and today we painted together. This is when she said Orange for the first time. Orange is my favorite color! It was so amazing to watch her create.

When Audrey was going to bed I said I love you (like I do every night, usually without a response)…and very quietly she said “love you” as she was walking down the hall to her room! Melted my heart. I know she understands what it means because she will give me a kiss after I say it but she NEVER says it back...until today.

This amazing adventure is only 3 days in but you can play along anytime. For the details, visit Ali and learn all about her awesome project.



  1. i love each and every bit of this chrissy. i can just
    see those eyes of your full of sparkle. your kids have
    them too.


  2. Love seeing these little bits of your life. You go with your BA creative self...

  3. What an incredible day! I love reading about your day, like I was there as I so wish that I was. Give those kiddos an extra hug. Love you!!!