Sunday, August 7, 2011

Week In The Life ~ Step 1

When I looked through my hundreds of photos and high stack of receipts/tags/napkins/stuff of everyday life, I was a bit over whelmed at the thought of putting this project together. Since Photoshop and I don't get along, I decided to start with the "stuff" since I don't need to edit that. :D I cleared off a long fold out table and laid out my page protectors and put sticky notes above them with the days listed. I reviewed my PDF printouts (thank you so much Ali) and started putting items with the appropriate days. My "stuff" includes lots of clippings, receipts, tags, art by Audrey, napkins, and bottle caps.

It is very neat to see the project starting to come together and I haven't even added photos yet. I ordered a variety of page protectors and my album from I was a bit disappointed with the album color because online it looks more of a bright yellow but in person it is actually a yellow/orange...a bit dingy looking compared to what I had envisioned but I'm going to make it work. My archival pen seems to be leaking all over me when I write so I will need to go pick up a new one today.

My next step is going to be printing out 7 enlarged photos, one for each day. Then I will open the dreaded PSE and start making collages and trying to work with the overlays.
Happy Crafting!


  1. "it" will never win over the mighty Chrissy. told!!!!!!