Sunday, August 7, 2011

Week In The Life ~ all about day 7

I am working on putting together my Week in the Life album and realized I didn’t post anything about day 7! Sunday 7/31, might have been one of my favorite days in this project. I know I didn’t get all the photos I wanted but the memories that I recorded on paper are both amazing and hilarious at the same time.

Observations ~ Audrey is a “daddy’s girl” and Dominic is a “momma’s boy”. We talk about poop way too much in this house. (Dominic’s issues and Audrey’s slow potty training)

Gratitude ~ This was one of those days where humor was greatly welcomed. Nick and I have a sarcastic nature and sometimes our banter can get annoying or too much, but TODAY we were on a roll. Making each other laugh and laugh. It was awesome.

Overheard ~ There were so many things I wanted to write down today, so much that I started texting Nick the things he was saying and he told me that “we should just record our conversations today”. Nick said “I now know what stars feel like with the Paparatzi.” At one point Audrey handed him his belt and he put it on, she said “good job” and he said “That’s right, you don’t like boys who sag their pants.” Lol There is another funny one, but might be TMI. So I’ll save that one for the book. J I was talking to the baby and I said “hey handsome” and Audrey looked at Dominic and repeated me, “he hansome”. So cute.

Favorite Moment ~ I have a few for this day. I was tickling Dominic to get him to laugh his awesome laugh and Audrey joined in. She kept trying and trying to tickle him just right. I love that she is so into playing with him. The next favorite moment involves me and a stranger. I went to Best Buy looking for an ipod dock and the sales associate that was helping me was a teenager complete with lil zits. He was turning the music up on a few, then we got to one with a sub-woofer and he found a song on the radio with a good beat. We looked at each other and started bopping our heads, then before we knew it, we were dancing in the aisle with the woofer bumping. Great moment.

A few favorite photos of the day...

Sunrise in the trees.

New sunglasses rule.

Greek food is my favorite.

Nick and Audrey "clicking".

Audrey playing outside before it stormed.

Hope your project is coming along well. I plan to be working on it a lot today! Can't wait to see how it comes together.

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