Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Whats On Your Work Desk Wednesday

Well. I didn't really do much crafting this weekend. Instead I got lost in the craft room, making more messes while trying to organize. lol. Oh well. Part of the reason for starting more reorg was I went to IKEA and bought some of those lovely spice jars I've been seeing on many blogs. I wanted to put my flowers in them but some are too big....I might have to rethink that and use them for something else.

What I did do was add to my daughter's room. I framed some of her recent art work, including a finger painting, snatched white cardstock with crayon on it (I wasn't watching her close enough), and a watercolor painting. My hubby and brother in law put up some shelving, that probably isn't suppose to be what I'm using it for but it looks super cute! We also put up a few photos in pink frames.

Make sure you pop over to Julia and get your peep on!


  1. Looks like the little girl loves the new additions (I think they're pretty fab to) now finish organising and craft away, love the flowers in a pot of their very own

    Love Dawn xx

  2. The spice jars look like a very fun way to organize. I love seeing your daughter's art work framed in her room...very special. Gives me great ideas for my daughters' work.

  3. Elmo! beautiful flowers, Beautiful workspace, thank you for sharing your workspace, Happy WOYWW 100, 100 weeks of this! wow, #3

  4. Love how you have framed your daughters artwork,that must give her such a boost. Shaz #112

  5. I {heart} IKEA. I used to live within driving distance to 3...now I'm anxiously waiting for the one near Denver to open!

    I love having my kiddos art on display in our home. They love it, too!

    Happy WOYWW!


  6. Looks like you have another budding crafter in the making there, Chrissie!
    The framed pictures look great on the wall.

    Loving the spice Jars. They’re going to look so pretty sitting on a shelf somewhere.

    Thanks for stopping by my blog this week.

  7. I don't live anywhere near an IKEA, but it sounds like those jars are a bit too small to work according to your plans. Still, they are darling to look at. Happy WOYWW (#6).

  8. Nice post! No IKEA here, just lots of collectibles, re-usables, and fixer-uperables! As for the Wednesday desk, it's so unsightly and really in need of an overhaul, it's pretty sad! LOL In actual fact, that's been on my list for 18 days straight. Guess it's about time we got cracking!

  9. I love those spice jars too - I have four here with nothing in! have too many buttons and flowers but when you think of something to put in them let me know too! Love your daughters room too. Sunshine Girl No. 32

  10. I had some of those little IKEA spice jars but got rid of them, never thinking about craft storage. May need another trip to IKEA!

    Thanks for visiting me via WOYWW too!

    Amanda #48

  11. I love the jars ...great idea to put the flower on the top ...why didn't I think of that lol

  12. Those shelves really do look super cute! great idea :-)

    I have a bunch of those little jars too but I use them for buttons, brads, smaller flowers etc. I use the bigger 'Slom' jars for big paper flowers.

  13. Hi I love what you've done with those photos and the shelves and I love the photo of your daughter admiring them! Shame you can't get those flowers in the jars as the jars are so cute - I'm sure you will put them to good use for something else.


  14. I love how you are using the little shelves and the art work looks fab dsiplayed like that. I found the Ikea jars were a bit small for flowers too... :( Sorry I am so late this week, Annette #25

  15. Lovely workspace, I'm a big fan of jars lol. Lovvvvve the artwork you framed, and your daughter looks enthralled. TFS! #117